3″ .125″ T&H HF Tube Mill

Make: Turek & Heller Co., Tube Diameter: 1/2″ – 3″, Wall Thickness: .035″ – .120″, Direction: Left to Right, Entry Guiding Equipment, Forming Mill, Sizing Mill, Heavy Duty Gear Boxes & Drive Shafts, Scarfing Stand, 3-Roll Welding Box, 200Kw High Frequency Welder, 40HP Universal Drive, Alpha Cut-Off System, Run-Out Table, Numerous Sets of Tooling, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Spare Parts

60″ x 16g Welty – Way Multi – Blanking Line

Make: Welty-Way Products Co, Maximum Material Thickness: 16 gauge, Maximum Material Width: 60″, Directions: Left to Right, Slitting Head, 6 (Six) Sets of Removable Knifes, Powered Arbor Adjustment, 6-Rolls Coil Straightener, Roll Face: 72″, Adjustable Work Rolls, Pneumatic Shear, Down Cut Blade, Hydraulics, Electrics, Controls

48″ x .075″ x 20,000Lb Braner Slitting Line

Make: Braner, Material Width: 12″ – 50″, Material Thickness: .010″ – .075″, Coil Weight: 20,000Lb, Coil ID: 20″ – 24″, Coil OD: 60″, Type: Pull – Thru, Direction: Right to Left, Entry L-Type Coil Car, Powered Lift & Traverse, Self – Contained Hydraulics, Pendant Control, Mandrel Uncoiler, Hydraulic Expansion, Sliding Base, Feed-Up Motor, Slitting Head, Powered Entry Pinch Rolls, Adjustable Edge Guides, Adjustable Outboard, Manual Top Arbor Adjustment, 10HP Feed-UP Motor, Knives & Tooling, One (1) Scrap Winder, Recoiler, Hydraulic Push-Off, Manual Gripper & Expansion, Powered Over-Arm Separator, 50HP DC Motor

52″ x 18g x 10,000Lb ASC Multi – Blanking Line

Make: ASC Machine Tool, Width: 12″-52″, Thickness: 26g-18g, Coil Weight: 10,000Lb, Year: 2007, Direction: Right to Left. Entry Coil Car, Floor Standing Design, Powered Lift & Traverse, Mandrel Uncoiler with Powered Mandrel Expansion, Feed-Up Motor, Extended Coil Hold-Down Arm, Entry Pinch Rolls, Adjustable Edge Guides, Coil Straightener, Motorized Paper Re-Winder, Hydraulic Shear, Slitting Head with Knives and Tooling. Complete Line with Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Touch Screen Panel Tooling

36″ x .125″ x 10,000Lb Stamco Slitting Line

Make: Stamco, Material Width: 12″-36″, Coil Thickness: .010″-.125″, Weight Capacity: 10,000Lb, Coil ID: 16″-20″, Arbor Diameter: 5″, Direction: Left to Right. Mandrel Uncoiler with Manual Expansion, Sliding Base, Feed-Up Motor, Slitting Head with Pinch Rolls, Powered Arbor Adjustment, Jog AC Motor, Knives & Tooling, Recoiler with Push-Off, Powered Expansion, 50HP DC Motor, Two (2) Hydraulic Scrap Winder. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

4″ x .188″ Yoder W-25 HF Tube Mill

Make: Yoder, Model: W-25, Tube Diameter: .0625″-4″, Wall Thickness: .030″-.188″, Shaft Diameter: 2.5″, Speed: 270 feet per minute, ASC Double Mandrel Uncoiler, Entry Pinch Rolls, Coil Straightener, Stationary Shear and Butt Welder, Forming Mill with Three (3) Break-Down Stands, Five (5) Idle Stands, Three (3) Driven Passes, DC Variable Speed Motor, 200Kw Thermatool Vacuum Welder, 3-Roll Squeezing Box, Extended Cooling Section, Sizing Mill with Three (3) Sizing Stands, Four (4) Idle Stands, Turk-Heads, DC Variable Speed Motor, Alpha Cut-Off Machine, Noise Reducing Cabin, Powered Run-Out Table. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

20,000Lb Forte L-Type Coil Car

Make: Forte Equipment, Model: CLC -240, L-Type Floor Standing Design, Weight Capacity: 20,000Lb, Coil Width: 60″, Hydraulic Lift, Powered Traverse, Self – Contained Hydraulics, Controls Console

50,000Lb Bradbury L-Type Coil Car

Make: Bradbury, L-Type Floor Standing Design, Weight Capacity: 50,000Lb, Deck Width: 65”, Hydraulic Lift, Powered Traverse, Self – Contained Hydraulics, Controls Console

2.5″ Alpha Tube Cut-Off

Make: Alpha, Model: 25-135-2.5, Tube Diameter: .5″ – 2.5″, Wall Thickness: .020″ – .135″, Single Cut Design, Die Accelerator, Hydraulic Clutch, Digital Read-Outs

Tru-Tek 18 Stand Roll Forming Line

Make: Tru-Tek, Model: 20-26R, New in 2007, Left to Right, 18 Stands, 12″ Roll Space, 10″ Horizontal Center, 5″-7″ Vertical Center, 20:1 Ratio, 3.75″ Shaft Key, 30HP Motor. Mandrel Uncoiler, Coil Straightener, Pre-Punching Machine, 18-Stand Roll Former, 4-Post Cut-Off Press, Powered Exit Conveyor, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Allen Bradley PLC System

1500mm x 3mm x 7,000Kg Imal Multi – Blanking Line

Make: Imal Spa (Italy), Year New: 2003, Material Width: 300mm – 1500mm, Material Thickness: 0.5mm – 3mm, Coil Weight: 7,000Kg, Coil ID: 500mm – 600mm, Speed: 20 meters per minute, Voltage: 400V 50Hz, Entry Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler, Powered Mandrel Expansion, Powered Hold-Down Roll, Feed-Up Motor, Driven Pinch Rolls, Multi – Cut Slitting Head, Two Mechanical Scrap Winders, 7-Roll Coil Straightener, Powered Work Roll Adjustment, Driven Exit Pinch Rolls, 20Kw Motor Drive, Pneumatic Shear, Powered Exit Conveyor, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

48″ x .125″ x 20,000Lb Cincinnati Slitting Line

Material Width: 12″-48″, Material Thickness: .005″-.125″, Weight: 35,000Lb (Entry) / 20,000Lb (Exit), Coil ID: 16″-24″, Coil OD: 72″, Direction: Left to Right. Cincinnati Mandrel Uncoiler, 4-Leaf Mandrel Design, Powered Hold-Down Roll, Hydraulic Expansion, Water Cooled Brake, Slitting Head with 5″ Arbor Diameter, Entry Pinch Rolls, 10HP Feed-Up Motor, Knives & Tooling, Mechanical Scrap Winder, Recoiler with Over-Arm Separator, Powered Push-Off, 40HP Motor, 1-Arm Exit Turnstile. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

60″ x .125″ x 20,000Lb McKay CTL Line

Make: McKay, Material Thickness: .010″-.125″, Material Width: 12″-60″, Coil ID: 20″, Coil OD: 72″, Speed: 210 fpm, Direction: Left to Right. Mandrel Uncoiler with Hold-Down Roll, Peeling Table, McKay 6-Hi Precision Leveler, Work Roll Diameter: 1.75″, Number of Work Rolls: 17, Adjustable Work Rolls, 40HP DC Motor, Adjustable Hump Table, Secrest Mechanical Shear, Air Clutch & Brake, 10HP Motor, Powered Belt Conveyor, Run-Out Table.Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

72″ x 12g x 40,000Lb Welty-Way Multi Blanking Line

Material Width: 12″ – 72″, Max Thickness: 12g, Weight Capacity: 40,000Lb, Coil ID: 16″-20″, Direction: Right to Left, Entry Hydraulic Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler with Hold-Down Roll, Scrap Winder, Slitting Head with Removable Tooling, 6-Roll Straightener, Pneumatic Shear, Sheet Stacker with Lift Table. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Spare Parts DSC_0063

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