Edging Lines

10″ x 3/16″ Gauer CTL Edger

Make: Gauer, Model: 9H-CTL, Material Width: 1/2″-10″, Material Thickness:.034″-3/16″, Material: CR, HR, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Speed: 200 feet per minute, Length Accuracy: within 1/16″, Edging Caps: Universal Mill Edge, Square Edge, Modified Square. 9H-CTL (2)[1]

9″ Lewis Edging Line with Temper Mill

Temper Roll Width: 9″, Timken Bearing, 5″x7″ Post Size, Manual Screw Downs, 2-Roll Edger, 40HP DC Drive, Full Assortment of Edging Dies. Stanat Uncoiler with 12″ Mandrel Width, Sliding Base, Recoiler with 10″ Drum Face, 16″-20″ ID, Powered Push-Off, 40HP Motor dsc00999