Roll Formers

Tru-Tek 18 Stand Roll Forming Line

Make: Tru-Tek, Model: 20-26R, New in 2007, Left to Right, 18 Stands, 12″ Roll Space, 10″ Horizontal Center, 5″-7″ Vertical Center, 20:1 Ratio, 3.75″ Shaft Key, 30HP Motor. Mandrel Uncoiler, Coil Straightener, Pre-Punching Machine, 18-Stand Roll Former, 4-Post Cut-Off Press, Powered Exit Conveyor, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Allen Bradley PLC System

11-Stand Yoder Stud Roll Forming Line

Year: 2009, Material Gauge: 12g-26g, Products: 1-5/8″ & 2-1/2″ Flench Studs, Maximum Strip: 22″, Shaft Diameter: 2″, Direction: R-L, Double Mandrel Uncoiler with Powered Rotation and Self-Contained Hydraulics, 11-Stand Roll Former, Individual Gear Boxes, Sliding Outboards, Powered Base Adjustment, 100HP DC Motor, Hydraulic Post Punching Press, Hydraulic Cut-Off Press, Run-Out Table. Complete Roll Forming Line with Newer Electircs & Drives, Tooling and Die Sets.