Tube Mills

5″ x 4mm Kusakabe HF Tube Mill

Make: Kusakabe (Japan), Pipe Diameter: 1″ – 5″, Wall Thickness: 1.2mm – 4mm, Material: CR, HR, HGI, Maximum Speed: 40 meters per minute, Direction: Left to Right. Mandrel Uncoiler, Coil Weight: 7,000kg, Coil ID: 508mm, Coil OD: 2000mm, Hydraulic Peeling Table, Shear & End Welder, Vertical Accumulator, Year New: 2012, Entry & Exit Driven Pinch Rolls, Motor: 55Kw DC, Forming Mill, Shaft Diameter: 75mm, Universal Forming Stands, Idle Stands, Universal Side Stands, 75Kw DC Motor Drive, Welding Section, 3-Roll Adjustable Squeeze Box, 400Kw HF Vacuum Type Welder, Welder Make: BSF (Korea), Scarfing Unit with Rewinder, Sizing Section, Universal Sizing Stands, Universal Side Stands, Two (2) Double Sided Turk Heads, 35Kw DC Motor Drive, Cut-Off Section, Flying Friction Cut-Off, Max Tube Length: 12m, AC – Servo Motor: 37Kw AC, Saw Motor: 37Kw AC, Powered Run-Out Conveyor, Powered Exit Table, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling for Square and Rectangular Profiles. Machine Fully Upgraded in 2003

3000mm x 25mm Byard Spiral Pipe Mill

Make: Byard, Year New: 2007, Model: 3000T, Material: HR Carbon Steel, Pipe Diameter: 600mm – 3000mm, Wall Thickness: 4mm – 25mm, Pipe Length: 6m – 20m, Strip Width: 700mm – 2000mm, Uncoiler & Coil Feeder, Coil Opener, Strip Feeding Unit, Adjustable Edge Guides, Submerged Arc Cross Welding Machine, Coil Straightener, Edge Milling Machine with Chip Conveyor System, Edge Pre – Bending Machine, In-Let Table & Swivel Device, Forming Side Guiding Rolls, Forming Section, Dual Lincoln Power-wave Welding System, Flux Recovery System, Cut – Off Saw, Powered Run-Out Table & Conveyors,Complete Spiral Pipe Mill, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Installed

355mm x 10mm TJS API Pipe Mill

Make: Taiwan Joy Sound (Taiwan), Year: 1997, Grade: API Certified, Pipe Diameter: 114mm – 355mm, Wall Thickness: 4mm – 10mm, Coil Weight: 25 ton, Coil ID: 610mm – 762mm, Coil OD: 1500mm – 2100mm, Material: HR / CR X52 or lower, Speed: 10 – 30 meters per minute. Dual Mandrel Uncoiler, Pit Type Hydraulic Coil Car, Shear & End Welder, Horizontal Accumulator, Forming Mill, Four (4) 150 Kw Main Motors, 600Kw Solid State Thermatool Welder, Seam Annealing Section, Extended Cooling Section, Sizing Mill, In-Line Seam UT, Flying Cut-Off Saw, Powered Run-Out Conveyors and Tables, Numerous Sets of Tooling, Finishing Equipment

2″ x 3.6mm Nakada HF Tube Mill

Year New: 1999, Diameter: 1/2″-2″, Wall Thickness: 1mm-3.6mm, Max Speed: 75 meters per minute. Mandrel Uncoiler, Shear & End Welder, Vertical Loop Accumulator, Forming Mill with 55Kw Motor, 200Kw Bosung High Frequency Welder, Sizing Mill with 55Kw Motor, Two (2) Turk Heads, Friction Type Cut-Off Saw, End Facing Machine, Packaging Machine. Lots of Tooling for Round and Profiles, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

8″ x .220″ GSI HF Tube Mill

Year: 2000, Diameter: 1.5″-8″, Wall Thickness: .050″-.220″, Shaft Diameter: 125mm, Speed: 20-40 meters per minute, Coil Width: 148mm-990mm, Coil Weight: 5,000Lb, Product: Round, Square, Rectangular. Double Mandrel Uncoiler, Shear & End Welder, Cage Type Accumulator, Forming Mill with 210Kw DC Motor, 300Kw High Frequency Welder, Sizing Mill with 125Kw DC Motor, Two (2) Turk Heads, Flying Cut-Off Saw, Run-Out Table & Conveyor. Lots of Tooling, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

3″ .125″ T&H HF Tube Mill

Make: Turek & Heller Co., Tube Diameter: 1/2″ – 3″, Wall Thickness: .035″ – .120″, Direction: Left to Right, Entry Guiding Equipment, Forming Mill, Sizing Mill, Heavy Duty Gear Boxes & Drive Shafts, Scarfing Stand, 3-Roll Welding Box, 200Kw High Frequency Welder, 40HP Universal Drive, Alpha Cut-Off System, Run-Out Table, Numerous Sets of Tooling, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Spare Parts

4″ x .188″ Yoder W-25 HF Tube Mill

Make: Yoder, Model: W-25, Tube Diameter: .0625″-4″, Wall Thickness: .030″-.188″, Shaft Diameter: 2.5″, Speed: 270 feet per minute, ASC Double Mandrel Uncoiler, Entry Pinch Rolls, Coil Straightener, Stationary Shear and Butt Welder, Forming Mill with Three (3) Break-Down Stands, Five (5) Idle Stands, Three (3) Driven Passes, DC Variable Speed Motor, 200Kw Thermatool Vacuum Welder, 3-Roll Squeezing Box, Extended Cooling Section, Sizing Mill with Three (3) Sizing Stands, Four (4) Idle Stands, Turk-Heads, DC Variable Speed Motor, Alpha Cut-Off Machine, Noise Reducing Cabin, Powered Run-Out Table. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

3″ x .125″ Oto Mills – Someron HF Tube Mill

Make (Entry Section): Oto Mills, Make (Forming & Sizing): Somenor, Maximum Pipe Diameter: 76mm, Wall Thickness: 0.8mm – 3mm, Shaft Diameter: 60mm Direction: Right to Left. Abbel Jib Crane, Mandrel Uncoiler, Weight Capacity: 10,000Lb, Powered Mandrel Expansion. Automatic Shear & End Welder, Hydraulic Shear, Automated Torching Head, Vertical Otto Mills Accumulator with DC Motor Drive, Driven Entry & Exit Guiding Rolls, Driven Entry Pinch Rolls, Adjustable Edge Guides, 5-Roll Coil Flattener. Forming Mill with Six Forming Stands, Seven Side Stands, Individual Gear Boxes, Universal Drive, Complete Set of Second Rafted Forming Stands, Motor: 60HP DC Drive. Welding Section with Emmedi 200Kw High Frequency Welder, 3-Roll Mechanical Squeeze Box, ID Scarfing Head, Powered Bead Re-Winder, Extended Cooling Section. Sizing Mill with Four (4) Sizing Stands, Four (4) Side Stands, Driven Adjustable Turk-Heads, Individual Gear Boxes,Universal Drive Motor: 60HP DC Drive. Friction Type Cut-Off Saw, Spare Cold Cut-Off Saw, Digital Length Control System, Cut-Off Travel: 2m – 12m, Powered Run-Out Conveyor, Run-Out Table, Side Discharge Dumping Section. IMG_3962Complete Tube Mill with Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling, Installed

2.5″ x .095″ Yoder M-2 ERW Tube Mill

Make: Yoder, Model: M2, Tube Diameter: 1/2″ – 2.5″, Wall Thickness: .010″ – .095″, Shaft Diameter: 2″, Direction: Right to Left, Single Mandrel Uncoiler, Adjustable Edge Guides, Forming Mill with Seven (7) Forming Stands, Four (4) Side Stands, Individual Gear Boxes, 50HP Motor, Welding Section with Adjustable Squeezing Head, Outside Scarfing, Powered Re-winder, Re-Galvanizing Torch, 100Kw ERW Power Supply, Cooling Section, Sizing Mill with Three (3) Sizing Stands, Two (2) Side Stands, One (1) Singe Sided Turk-Head, Yoder 4-Post Cut-Off Press, Single Cut, Length Control System, 7.5HP AC Drive, Powered Run-Out Table with Side Dumping Section. Complete Tube Mill with Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Installed

1600mm x 14mm Scepel Spiral Pipe Mill

Make: Scepel, Diameter: 159mm – 1600mm, Wall Thickness: 4mm – 14mm, Coil Weight: 40,000Lbs, Max Speed: 2mpm, Direction: Left to Right, Coil Car, Coil Rewinding Unit, Hydraulic Peeling Table, 6-Roll Coil Straightening Machine, Edge Trimming Unit, Forming Mil, Lincoln 1500A Welder, Run-Out Conveyor