Make: Kohan Machinery (Japan), Material Width: 800m-1900mm, Material Thickness: 4.5mm-12.7mm, Coil OD: 2000mm, Weight Capacity: 30ton, Sheet Length: 1500mm-12,200mm, Direction: Left to Right. Coil Storage Area, V-Type Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler with Powered Expansion and Hold-Down Roll, Driven Pinch Rolls, Adjustable Edge Guides, 7-Roll Coil Straightener with 75Kw Drive, Looping Pit with Cross Over Table, Rotary Side Trimmers, with 37Kw Drive, Scrap Winders, Flying Shear with Air Clutch & Brake, 22Kw Shear Motor, 11-Roll Precision leveler with 150mm Work Roll Diameter, 110Kw Drive, Exit Belt Conveyor, Sheet Stacker with Side Discharge Conveyor. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

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