Make: Samco, Year New: 2013, Product: Stud and Track, Number of Stands: 14, Shaft Diameter: 2″, Coil Weight: 10,000Lb, Coil ID: 20″, Coil OD: 60″, Coil Thickness: 14g – 20g, Speed: 150 – 300 fpm, Direction: Left to Right. Mandrel Uncoiler with Powered Expansion, 14-Stand Rollformer, Model: STSDU2-14, Powered Quick Change, 60HP AC Variable Speed Motor, Roller Applicator Coolant / Lubrication System, 4-Post Punch Press, Flying Hydraulic Design, Numerous Dies, Controlled Digital Servo Motor, Closed Loop Accelerator, Flying Hydraulic Cut-Off Press, Controlled Digital Servo Motor, Servo Driven Closed Loop Accelerator, Slugless Cut Design, Removable Insert Blades, Run-Out Tables and Conveyors, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling, Excellent Condition.

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