Make: Vitoria (Italy), Year New: 2007, Material Width: 300mm – 1530mm, Coil Thickness: 0.7mm – 6.3mm, Weight Capacity: 30ton, Coil OD: 1828mm, Coil ID: 508mm, Speed: 400 meters per minute, Direction: Left to Right, Entry Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler, Powered Hold-Down Roll, Powered Mandrel Expansion, Water Cooled Brake, Sliding Base, AC Feed-Up Motor, Hydraulic Peeling Table, Driven Entry Pinch Rolls, Adjustable Edge Guides, Entry Crop Shear, Two (2) Slitting Heads, Arbor Diameter: 240mm, Head Change via Crane, Powered Arbor Adjustment, Slitter Drive Motor & Gear Box, Knifes & Tooling, Pit Cross Over Table, Scrap Chopper, Drag Board Tension Stand, Strip Separating Bar with Tooling, Air Clamp with Pressure Cylinders, Recoiler, Hydraulic Coil Push-Off, Powered Gripper, Powered Over-Arm Separator, Recoiler Motor & Gear Box, Entry Coil Car, Floor Standing Design, Hydraulic Lift & Traverse, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

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