slitting line for sale

60″ x 1/2″ x 70,000Lb Herr-Voss Slitting Line

Make: Herr-Voss, Material Thickness: 1.5mm – 12.7mm, Material Width: 30″ – 61″, Coil Weight: 31 ton, Coil ID: 20″ – 30″, Coil OD: 48″ – 82″, Exit Coil ID: 24″, Speed: 45 – 90 meters per minute. Entry Coil Car, Cone Type Uncoiler, 5-Roll Coil Straightener, Entry Crop Shear, Two (2) Injector Type Slitting Heads, 14″ Arbor Diameter, 250HP Motor, Rotating Tooling Set-Up, Two (2) Heavy Duty Scrap Winders, Drag Type Tension Stand, Strand Extensioner, Exit Crop Shear, Recoiler with Two 150HP DC Motors, Exit Floor Standing Coil Car, Coil Packaging Line. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling, Spare Parts

72″ x .187″ x 60,000Lb Stamco Loop Slitting Line

Make: Stamco, Material Width: 12″-72″, Material Thickness: .020″-.187″, Coil Weight: 60,000Lb, Coil ID: 20″-24″, Coil OD: 72″, Speed: 1500 fpm, Direction: Left to Right. Entry 4-Arm Turnstile, Entry L-Type Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler with Hold-Down Roll, Hydraulic Peeling Table, Inspection Table, Entry Crop Shear, Driven Pinch Rolls, Edge Guides, Two Slitting Heads, Injection Type, 8″ Arbor Diameter, 75HP Motor, Looping Cross Over Table, Scrap Baller, Combo Type Tension Stand, Exit Crop Shear, Mandrel Recoiler with Over-Arm Separator, 200HP Motor, Exit L-Type Coil Car, Exit 4-Arm Turnstile. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling