Used CTL Line

60″ x .125″ x 20,000Lb McKay CTL Line

Make: McKay, Material Thickness: .010″-.125″, Material Width: 12″-60″, Coil ID: 20″, Coil OD: 72″, Speed: 210 fpm, Direction: Left to Right. Mandrel Uncoiler with Hold-Down Roll, Peeling Table, McKay 6-Hi Precision Leveler, Work Roll Diameter: 1.75″, Number of Work Rolls: 17, Adjustable Work Rolls, 40HP DC Motor, Adjustable Hump Table, Secrest Mechanical Shear, Air Clutch & Brake, 10HP Motor, Powered Belt Conveyor, Run-Out Table.Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls

60″ x .250″ x 40,000Lb Herr-Voss CTL Line

Make: Herr-Voss, Coil Width: 60″, Material Thickness: .025″ – .250″, Weight Capacity: 40,000Lb, Coil ID: 20″ – 24″, Coil OD: 72″, Speed: 150 fpm, Direction: R-L. Entry Coil Storage, Hydraulic Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler with Powered Expasnion, Sliding Base, Hold-Down Roll, Feed-Up Motor, Hydraulic Peeling Table, Driven Entry Pinch Rolls. Herr-Voss 6-Hi Leveler #1 with 3.5″ Work Roll Diameter, 17-Working Rolls, Adjustable Back-Up Flights, DC Drive. Herr-Voss 6-Hi Precision Leveler # 2 with 1.75″ Work Roll Diameter, 19-Working Rolls, Adjustable Back-Up Flights, DC Drive. Pit Cross Over Table with Cascade Rolls, Coil Feed-Up Unit, Mechanical Shear with Air Clutch & Brake, AC Motor, Drop Type Stacker with Powered Exit Conveyor OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

72″ x .140″ x 25,000Lbs Rowe CTL Line

Make: Rowe, Material Thickness: .020″ – .140″, Coil Width: 24″-72″, Speed: 160 f/m, Maximum Sheet Length: 16′, 3-Arm Entry Turnstile, Entry Floor Standing Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler, Powered Expansion, Feed-Up Motor, Motorized Hold-Down Roll, Coil Straightening Machine, Powered Pinch Rolls, Adjustable Work Rolls, Main Drive: AC, Edge Trimming Unit, Adjustable Hump Table, Mechanical Wysong Shear, Air Brake & Clutch, Bow-Tie Blade, Powered Belt Conveyor, Drop Type Stacker with Chain Side Discharge Conveyor.