Used HF Tube Mill

219mm x 8mm LWY HF Tube Mill

Year New: 2007, Pipe Diameter: 89mm – 219mm, Wall Thickness: 2mm – 8mm, Coil Width: 150mm – 800mm, Tube Length: 4m – 12m, Speed: 60 mpm, Direction: Right to Left. Mandrel Uncoiler with Hold-Down Roll, 5-Roll Coil Flattener, Shear & End Welder, Horizontal Accumulator, Edge Trimmer, Forming Mill with Eight (8) Forming Stands, Four (4) Finn Passes, 132Kw DC Motor with Universal Drive, 500Kw High Frequency Welder, Mechanical Squeezing Box, Re-Winder, Cooling Section, Sizing Mill with Four (4) Sizing Stands, Two (2) Turk-Heads, DC Motor with Universal Drive, Friction Flying Cut-Off Saw with Digital Length Control System, Powered Run-Out Table, Side Dumping Section. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling 1[1]