used slitting line for sale

24″ x .187″ x 15,000Lb Lee Wilson Slitting Line

Material Width: 4″-24″, Material Thickness: .010″-.187″, Weight Capacity: 15,000Lb, Coil ID: 16″-20″ & 20″-24″, Coil OD: 62″, Direction: Left to Right. Hydraulic Entry Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler with Powered Hold-Down Roll, Wichita Air Brake, Sliding Base, Fee-Up Motor, Hydraulic Peeling Table, Driven Pinch Rolls, Rotary Crop Shear, Slitting Head with 5.5″ Arbor Diameter, Feed-Up Motor, Knives and Tooling, Recoiler with Over-Arm Separator, 60HP Motor, Hydraulic Heavy Duty Scrap Winder, 1-Arm Exit Turnstile, Down-Layer & Packaging End-Conveyor. Complete Line with Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Knives & Tooling

60″ x .187″ x 40,000Lb Yoder Loop Slitting Line

Manufacturer : Yoder, Max Coil Width: 60”, Coil OD: 72″, Thickness Range: .015”-.187”, Max Coil Weight: 40,000lbs, Speed Range: 150 to 540 fpm, Line Direction: Left to Right, Material: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Galvanized and Pre-Painted Steel and Aluminum, Yoder L-Type Entry Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler, Hydraulic Expansion and Feed Up Drive, Powered Hold Down Roll, Sliding Base, Wichita Water Cooled Brake, Peeler Table, 2 Sets of Entry Guides Entry Pinch Rolls, Slitting Head, 7″ Arbor Diameter, 75HP Motor Drive, Removable Base, Bottom Parallel Arbor Adjustment, Pit Cross Over Table, Drag Board Tension Stand, (2) Hydraulic Scrap Winders, Recoiler, 75 HP DC Motor Drive, Hydraulic Push Off, Over Arm Separator, 2 Arm Exit Turnstile, Complete with Hydraulics, Electrics, Controls and Drawings
Complete 72” Packaging Line

48″ x .125″ x 20,000Lb Cincinnati Slitting Line

Material Width: 12″-48″, Material Thickness: .005″-.125″, Weight: 35,000Lb (Entry) / 20,000Lb (Exit), Coil ID: 16″-24″, Coil OD: 72″, Direction: Left to Right. Cincinnati Mandrel Uncoiler, 4-Leaf Mandrel Design, Powered Hold-Down Roll, Hydraulic Expansion, Water Cooled Brake, Slitting Head with 5″ Arbor Diameter, Entry Pinch Rolls, 10HP Feed-Up Motor, Knives & Tooling, Mechanical Scrap Winder, Recoiler with Over-Arm Separator, Powered Push-Off, 40HP Motor, 1-Arm Exit Turnstile. Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

60″ x .250″ x 60,000Lb Yoder Slitting Line

Make: Yoder, Material Width: 12″ – 60″, Material Thickness: .061″ – .250″, Coil Weight: 60,000Lb, Coil ID: 20″ – 24″, Coil OD: 72″, Direction: Left to Right Entry Pit Type Coil Car, Double Mandrel Uncoiler with Powered Hold-Down Roll, Hydraulic Peeling Table, Driven Entry Pinch Rolls, Entry Mechanical Crop Shear
Two (2) Slitting Heads, Arbor Diameter: 9″, Tooling & Knifes, Hydraulic Scrap Winder, Drag Board Tension Stand, Recoiler with Powered Gripper, Hydraulic Over-Arm Separator, Powered Push-Off, 125HP DC Motor, Exit Coil Car, Exit Turnstile, Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling

24″ x .105″ x 10,000Lb Seco Slitting Line

Make: Seco, Max Material Width: 24″, Material Thickness: .010″ – .105″, Weight Capacity: 10,000Lb, Coil ID: 20″, Coil OD: 62″, Direction: Right to Left, Mandrel Uncoiler, 3-Leaf Mandrel Design, Powered Expansion, Sliding Base, Electrical Brake, Feed-Up Motor, Driven Slitting Head, Arbor Diameter: 4.5″, Eccentric Arbor Design, Powered Entry Pinch Rolls, Adjustable Edge Guides, Adjustable Arbors, Motor: 20HP 1150 / 2400 RPM, With Knifes & Tooling, Drag Board Tension Stand, Hydraulic Scrap Winder, Recoiler with, Manual Gripper, Hydraulic Push-Off, Powered Over-Arm Separator, Motor: 40HP 1150 / 2000 RPM
20161020_1314051Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Knifes & Tooling

48″ x .250″ x 30,000Lb Loopco Slitting Line

Make: Loopco-Braner, Material Width: 12″-48″, Material Thickness: .014″-.250″, Coil 16″-24″, Coil OD: 72″, Speed: 800fpm, Direction: Left to Right. Entry L-Type Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler with Water Cooled Brake, Hydraulic Expansion, Powered Hold-Down Roll, Sliding Base, AC Feed-Up Motor, Hydraulic Peeler, Entry Driven Pinch Rolls. Two (2) Turret Type Slitting Heads, 7.5″ Arbor Diameter, Powered Arbor Adjustment, Powered Head Rotation, Jog-Up Motor, Lots of Knives & Tooling. Paxson Heavy Duty Scrap Winder, Recoiler with Hydraulic Gripper, Powered Over-Arm Separator, Powered Push-Off, 75HP DC Motor with Multi-Speed Gear Box, 2-Arm Exit Turnstile. Complete Slitting Line with Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Tooling IMG_0980[2]